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Crew members

Maritime workers face difficult, dangerous and often unforgiving job responsibilities. As with any other job, employers in these situations have a duty to ensure their workers are protected and treated fairly. A crew rights attorney can help you understand your...

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There is interplay between the materials that are acceptable to use on a ship as opposed to what would really be safe in the conditions passengers will encounter on board a ship. It isn't always the same thing. For example, teak wood can become...

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Cruise Passenger Rights Lawyer

Cruise Line Negligence Attorney

As a cruise passenger rights attorney, Paul M. Hoffman understands the challenges passengers face while on a cruise ship. There is the potential for improper medical care or negligent security. It is important to remember your rights, and work with a knowledgeable lawyer to hold the cruise line accountable for their actions.

The cruise line owes its passengers a duty of reasonable care in the circumstances. Sometimes this means a higher or greater obligation where the hazards that may be encountered on board the ship differ from those that the passenger might encounter on land.

An experienced cruise ship passenger lawyer should be able to determine whether a higher duty may be owed.

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Cruise ship passenger safety and well-being should be paramount. Unfortunately, several issues can negatively affect cruise ship passenger experience, including:

  • Medical care issues: If a passenger gets ill or becomes injured on a cruise ship, there is potential for mistreatment or inadequate medical service. Unfortunately, in these situations, the cruise line is insulated from a medical malpractice lawsuit. In essence, the ship's doctor is not an employee or agent of the cruise line. However, the cruise line still may be liable if it was negligent in hiring or selecting a particular doctor to treat its passengers. An analysis of whether the cruise line is responsible is made by an experienced maritime lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain your options.
  • Security issues: Typically, a ship's security force is not equipped to handle serious situations. They are poorly screened and inadequately trained. They are not trained to intervene in mayhem, from sexual assaults, to simple batteries. The prevalence of alcohol on a cruise ship leads to a large number of unruly, belligerent guests. If you or a loved one was victimized on a cruise ship due to inadequate or negligent security, don't hesitate to contact a lawyer at our office.
  • Premises issues: Injuries can occur anywhere on a ship: dining areas, swimming pools, stairways, upper berths, cabin doors, floors, inadequate lighting, assaults by fellow passengers, wet and/or slippery floors and staircases, virtually anywhere a passenger goes.

Being on a cruise ship does not mean you forfeit your rights to be in a safe environment. It is the cruise line's responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their passengers. Do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at our office.

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