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Crew members

Maritime workers face difficult, dangerous and often unforgiving job responsibilities. As with any other job, employers in these situations have a duty to ensure their workers are protected and treated fairly. A crew rights attorney can help you understand your...

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There is interplay between the materials that are acceptable to use on a ship as opposed to what would really be safe in the conditions passengers will encounter on board a ship. It isn't always the same thing. For example, teak wood can become...

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Cruise Line Environmental Violations Lawyer

Environmental Safety Issues

By and large, there is a potential for great harm to the environment as a result of the operation of a large cruise ship or private yacht that do not exist in hotels or other buildings. Cruise liner and yacht crews have a duty of action when federal laws are being broken or the public safety is endangered. If you are a crew member that is aware of or has seen a violation of United Sates Public Health laws or environmental rules and regulations, you cannot be fired for reporting violations of these laws and if you are, you may be entitled to substantial money damages from your employer.

The Hoffman Law Firm can consult with you on your specific situation and offer advice on the protections available to you. Federal maritime laws exist to protect seafaring employees who expose owners and operators of vessels of all sizes who are committing crimes against the environment by illegal discharge of wastes into the ocean, or otherwise endangering public health and safety.

Hold the Cruise Line Accountable for Their Actions · Contact Hoffman Law Firm

There are environmental standards for cruise ships. If a crew member learns that the ship is dumping oil, garbage, plastic or bilge discharges into the ocean, they cannot be legally fired for reporting such violations under the maritime law. Our firm has access to experts in this field who can listen to the specifics of your situation and properly advise you on the best course of action.

Retaliatory discharge cases can be complex. You stand a better chance of being properly guided and advised by an experienced lawyer. Do not hesitate to contact our firm with any questions or concerns.

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If you have questions regarding environmental safety issues, contact the Hoffman Law Firm at 954-707-5040 or complete the contact form on this website. We offer a free consultation, and services in English or Spanish.