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Crew members

Maritime workers face difficult, dangerous and often unforgiving job responsibilities. As with any other job, employers in these situations have a duty to ensure their workers are protected and treated fairly. A crew rights attorney can help you understand your...

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There is interplay between the materials that are acceptable to use on a ship as opposed to what would really be safe in the conditions passengers will encounter on board a ship. It isn't always the same thing. For example, teak wood can become...

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Cruise Ship Crew Claims Lawyer

Cruise Ship Crew Injury Attorney

Maritime workers have a high risk for on-the-job injuries no matter what their responsibilities. Crew members on typical large South Florida based cruise lines typically work up to ten hours a day, seven days a week for ten months a year. It is well-known that there is no "light duty" on a ship. Physical labor, severe weather conditions and inadequate medical care can all contribute to serious injuries or illnesses. Add to that, the long hours, , lack of proper work breaks, antiquated or broken equipment and the possibility of sexual harassment, and crew members face dangerous conditions on a daily basis. Cruise lines owe their employees a duty to provide a safe place to work.

Cruise ship crew claims attorney, Paul M. Hoffman has guided clients through the legal process since 1998. His knowledge and experience drives Hoffman Law Firm to be diligent, dedicated and professional throughout each case we handle.

Many times, cruise line owners and operators see crew members as merely another asset or piece of equipment. If something goes wrong, the ill or injured worker might be sent back to his or her home country for potentially substandard medical treatment. These crew members have rights and protections available to them here in South Florida against the major cruise lines that are based here.

There are several laws that protect crew members. Under a U.S. statute known as the Jones Act, crew members can bring a claim against their employer for negligence. This includes a failure to provide a safe place to work as well as a failure to provide prompt, proper and adequate medical care. Another U.S. law protects crew members in regard to the prompt payment of their wages. Crew members are also entitled to a seaworthy vessel in which to work. Both the Jones Act and the legal doctrine of seaworthiness serve to protect crew members' rights.

When a crew member becomes ill or injured in the service of a vessel, the shipping company must provide the crew member with maintenance and cure. Maintenance is money for food and shelter, including utilities. Cure is either the payment of medical bills incurred by the crew member, or the provision of medical care. Medical care must be proper and adequate. Maintenance and cure continues until the crew member has been declared to have reached maximum medical improvement, that point at which further medical care will not result in a betterment of the seaman's underlying condition. many times, the cruise lines will rely on certain hand-picked doctors to prematurely cut a seaman off from treatment and maintenance payments.

Seamen are entitled to prompt payment of their earned wages.

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There are several situations that can lead to a seaman getting injured or victimized on the job, including:

  • Fatigue due to long hours
  • Being rushed to do their work
  • Improper equipment for the job or task at hand
  • Defective or poorly maintained equipment
  • Being ordered to lift heavy objects without adequate assistance
  • Not enough help to properly complete the job
  • Lifting and carrying heavy passenger luggage
  • Sexual harassment and sexual assaults of other crew members
  • Creation of a hostile work environment
  • Wet, oily, greasy or slippery decks
  • Exposure to harmful products without proper safety gear

There is a tremendous amount of pressure to perform from all different sides. A seaman has to accept the conditions of employment without complaint or question. These workers have stress that is very difficult to appreciate when looking at the facade as a passenger enjoying a well-deserved vacation. If you have been injured or victimized while working on a cruise liner, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer.

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